Open quotesPeople ignore design that ignores
Close quotes-Frank Chimero
Open quotesDesign is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purposeClose quotes-Charles Eames


How your business presents itself to potential customers influences how they perceive you and value your products. If they see you in a favourable way, then that is a good starting point for business. Designing how your business presents itself is something that should be considered if you want to improve your company brand and ultimately increase your profits. Design is about conveying a message in a way that is meaningful, memorable and suitable for the audience. Good design need not be seen as a cost for if money is spent on 500 poorly designed printed leaflets don't convey a suitable message and result in no sales, the same money could have been spent on maybe 200 well designed leaflets that make a number of sales.

Imaging, Branding & Corporate Design

How you product is presented, the packaging, advertising, publicity and your website can fundamentally affect the professionalism with which your company is perceived. Well designed packaging or a striking company brochure does not normally cost more than poorly presented products, so why not have a corporate theme or branding running through all your publicity materials. We can make this happen for you.


From time to time, all brands need a makeover. We can give free advice on what might be the best steps and design a company makeover of the way it presents itself to the public.


Publicity materials such as flyers, leaflets or your company brochure are you chance to impress your potential customers. Our printing prices are highly competitive and they all include design and print preparation so for the price of an average flyer that doesn't really get the message across, we can do the whole process for you from design through to delivery at very down to earth prices.


Does your company have a logo? If not or if it is looking tired, let us design one for you.