Robert Shirley

Rob is Managing Director of Capacity Business Systems Ltd. Rob developed the Content Management and E-commerce systems used in the SGW websites. Having brushed up on his artistic skills at Cornwall Art College, Rob went on to study for a degree at Lancaster and a PhD at Durham University. His main commercial skills are graphic design, web design and database systems. Rob works on or oversees all new projects.

Capacity Business Systems Ltd

Capacity Business Systems Ltd was founded in 1996 and became a limited company in 2000. It is a privately owned company based in Lincolnshire with clients nationwide. CBS supplies software, websites, printing products and design services to businesses large and small, from one-man-band start-ups to established multi-national organizations. Its products are detailed over three websites Main corporate website Small business web design Larger business web design, software development and database systems


CapacityWeb likes all its customers to be completely satisfied and receive good value for money. We will give impartial advice and not put you under any pressure to buy anything. If we think that a competitor has a better product for you we will be honest about it.


CapacityWeb is committed to behaving in an honest, open and ethical way towards its customers and suppliers. We believe we can produce the tools which can help your business, and our motivation is to help your business prosper.

Getting online

There are lots of web hosting options around at a large variety of different prices. We can suggest the best option for you depending on your business, your budget and your knowledge of IT.

Growing with your business

When you start trading, you will probably only need a simple website, email and possibly some business cards. We will never try to sell you something we think you don't need. We hope to have a long-term business relationship with you and can develop or upgrade your web presence as your business needs change.