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A lot of software can be bought off the shelf, such as Microsoft Office or an accounts packages, but in some cases they can not meet all your needs or allow you to work in the most efficient way. Compared to the benefits of increased efficiency and a streamlined workflow, it is often well worth the relatively modest cost of having software developed just for you so that it does exactly what you need it to do.

Website Development

If you need a website that goes beyond the ordinary, for example with a customers' portal so they can log in and see the progress of their orders, print out invoices or make payments to you, then a some customisation and development may be required. And, you will be pleased to know, this need not be expensive.
Maybe you have thought up a commercial website venture and want to put it onto practice?

Database Systems

Whether you are an IT professional with a full specification of what is required or you know nothing about technology and just have a vague idea that you struggle to get your information organised, we can help. Or you may have an idea for a commercial venture but not know how to put it into practice? Again, we can help. We can help with anything from an initial fact-finding assessment to full development and hosting of a finished system.
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Database & Software Hosting

These days you don't need all the administrative and support headaches or running software or database systems, it can all be done remotely online and accessed seamlessly through a web browser. The servers running the software and hosting the database run at purpose-built secure data centres.

Office Systems

Have you ever dreamed of having all your office and commercial processes streamlined into one system and the massive increase in efficiency that would bring? Accouning Systems, Order Processing, Customer Relationship Management, Asset Management, HR Systems, High Quality Website: they are all Database Systems. They all hold relatively large amounts of data that makes sense when it is properly and efficiently organised. Whether you are aware of it or not, your business probably holds a lot of information in one form or another, which if properly ordered and available could take you to a new level of efficiency or identify new commercial ventures and revenue streams.
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